Is it possible to remove nodes on a 3,4km stretch of Hump Yard Road

Also “Hump Yard Road” in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada also has an issue. There is a 3,4 km section that I could not complete since it’s a private road owned by CNR (Canadian National Railway). The sign at the entrance says, “Private Roadway, Use by public is strictly prohibited unless authorized. Trespassers will be prosecuted”. On the City Stride map there is a train sign on both ends of the road which I could not complete. This road has a maze of train tracks where containers are loaded and unloaded. If you could remove the nodes on that section, it would be greatly appreciated.

My gut feeling is that an OSM (Open Street Map) edit is required to mark that road as private. On the CS wiki page there is info on OSM and how to accomplish the edit.

Hi, Eric. Yes, indeed, from what I’ve been learning, editing the road in OSM to “private” would fix the issue that Alvin brought up. But here’s an extension of that question that I’m wondering… Where do the nodes themselves come from? Marking them private in OSM seems to mean that CS will filter them away. But OSM doesn’t have these nodes (or does it?), so they must come from a different database or mapping system? If so, where is that?

The road should just be marked private in OSM.
A guide for that is available in the wiki pages.

There is also a wiki page explaining the whole node thing and why you shouldn’t remove any nodes.

I have changed it in OSM, should be gone from CityStrides in 2-3 weeks

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And to answer your other question, yes, the road is in OSM:

Henrik, thanks for that great link! It didn’t answer my question above, though, so maybe I wasn’t clear. When I asked where the nodes were from, I didn’t mean the OSM nodes-in-ways, but the red nodes that we see on CS. See the screen cap. Those don’t line up with the nodes-in-ways, so I feel as if they’re from another source (but maybe not?).

The nodes in CS are from the OSM data. Line up perfectly.
I can’t explain it better than James wiki page about the Node, Street, and City Data.,-118.57737418755744&17.627019883304005

You might not have noticed that to see all nodes in a road you must select/highlight the road in OSM. In Henrik’s picture from OSM, you have to click on Hemmingway Street to see the nodes, now you see that there are two nodes at the western end

Thank you so much in my behalf and from those who will attempt to run all of the streets in my city!


@stst415 In case it was not clear, there can be “points” aka nodes anywhere. Sometimes they are used to show a road as curved. They are also present when ways (roads) intersect. And sometimes nodes are on ways for no apparent reason.

There is a topic in the forum about completeness, or hard mode, where all the nodes must be collected. In that thread is an example of a strider who was collecting all the nodes, but not running the length of the street.

Some interesting replies ensued, and one was to add more nodes to ways to make doing the above more difficult. As I recall, this would have been considered “vandalism”, if I’m remembering the word used. Regardless, it is frowned upon.

But this doesn’t mean that some ways have superfluous nodes.

Hope this helps, Eric

Ps. Perhaps the subject was all streets or all nodes?


Hans and Eric, I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier in the week. Yes, I’m familiar with the nodes and ways within OSM (I’ve been crash course learning, and making hundreds of additions now over these last many weeks), but I guess I had an idea that red CS nodes were different (perhaps because not all always showed up, or perhaps because of people collecting only nodes instead of lengths of streets). Regardless, I did a few tests and see that, indeed, they are one and the same. All good.

Side note. Knowing that now, it boggles my mind even more why someone would choose to only collect nodes… All it would take is for some OSM user to decide a street isn’t PERFECTLY straight to add a few nodes that would suddenly mean that the CS user would need to go back to hit it again. Or what if somebody else adds driveways that creates more nodes on that street? Running the entire length guarantees you’ll keep that particular street no matter what future updates are made. {shrug}

Anyway, thanks! :slight_smile:


As I recall, this is frowned upon by the OSM community. There is a post, somewhere here in the CS forum, that said this would be called (I think) vandalism (if I’m remembering the correct word) within the OSM community.

I’ll see if I can find that post.

Found it: All Streets or All Nodes? - #41 by petje