Remove "Fastest Pace" Leadboard

Fastest pace leaderboard doesn’t work: Just remove it.

It’s far too subject to GPS error, or bike rides miscategorized. Case in point:

I don’t think these three guys (and I know Nate Swanberg personally. He’s fast, but not that fast!) just broke world records this month. (For the record, ~2:45 min/km for 21.1 is the world record half-marathon pace == 58 minutes)

Also: One thing you are missing is the absolute leaders in number of streets complete. But I know this is kinda lame because it won’t really change all that much, and is very location dependent. But I would love to see the maps of the worlds greatest heatmappers.


OK, this change (aside from the total street count) is going out now :+1:

This thread has some other good ideas, too:

Yep. I also always go straight to my profile, 90% of the time. The homepage is less interesting to me than the cities list, and activities list. I tend to just visit every time I update a run:

Go running → Edit Strava → Visit profile page, review completed streets. → Review Life map


So much of this site is just remnants of what you get “out of the box” with certain Ruby On Rails conventions. :laughing: It’s about time for me to take a look at what really needs to be there.

wow, it looks quite different, have to get accustomed to it first, will comment later

Please, be vocal. The major change in the design is into a system that I can work with. Previous design frameworks were rigid, but this one gives me tons of control.

I tried to take the existing design and port it over close to exactly… I don’t necessarily want to stay with what is currently present, it’s just a good enough starting place.

I’m really excited about these design changes - it’s the first time I’ve felt effective on the front end in my entire career. :flushed: :grimacing:


I have not much time to look into it very deep on this moment.
I see things like in the profile I see my head 15 times, that’s a bit over redundant :slight_smile: and the homemarker of the city disappaerd where you can click and see the number of contestants (but it still works if you click the right place)
But those minor remarks, I wonder where to put the comments in the forum. Should it be on the new release page or something

why is not everybody talking about this new look ?

btw if ound the homemarker, it disappeard behind the purple lines. In yhe old vision it was superimposed

btw2: it all is a lot faster (for me anyway) thumbs-up!

The only thing that i would see changed is the Users page and Profile page.
Why 10 items ?
Would make more sense with 12 items or maybe even 16, when watching on pc screen.

And not crazy about the color scheme. Perhaps if one could choose between different color schemes ?
I love dark color schemes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I fixed that to 12 items. :+1:
For the color scheme … yeah … I Am Not A Designer™ :grimacing:

The logged-in homepage also has some updates. I’m not completely happy, but it’s heading in the right direction now.


From the bottom of my OCD, thank you :smile:

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I do miss the ability to collapse the list of Cities when viewing the Profile Page on a smartphone.

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