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Normally when i start citystrides i go directly to my profile page. The things I see on the home page are only partially interesting for me. The interesting thing i think are the overall statistics: what is the average run? how fast? (btw is that running only or also walking). I would be interested in more overall statistics, maybe a pull down: what rank is/are my city/'s in the world? The same for total number of runners, km’s etc (someting like Placea, total Streets/streets run 8000/7000, nodes 20.000/18.000 , 500 runners, average km 4,6, average speed 6,63 km/h longest run 42.195 etc (p.s. ,=. and vice versa in Europe :-). It is not so interesting who as run last because the chance I know this person is very, very small at this moment


I see 712 users in Amsterdam and 6783 users in total. Does that mean that 10,5% of the users ran in Amsterdam? wow serious competition then :-):sweat:


I think pace and distance is pretty uninteresting, especially since some of them are just bad data. See people “forgetting” to turn off gps in car or even on plane, some of them are clearly cycling.
The whole point to this site is finishing streets. Leave all that other stuff to Strava, RunKeeper etc.

Front page should only have three columns of statistics, with way smaller icons
Top 10 Most Completed Streets In The Last Month
Top 10 Most Completed Streets In The Last Year
Top 10 Most Completed Streets All Time

Especially since the Leaderboard is a mess, with no way to sort data.

Had to find a gem like this on Reddit

And perhaps some more info for people coming to the site for the first time. For a newbie the frontpage is not very inviting with the lack of information.
At the top of the page, some nice inviting grapichs with a catchy headline to lure in unsuspecting victims :wink:

And a brief introduction text, bla bla bla, signup up here, it’s free,

And at the bottom, the three coulmns with most completed streets