Reload activities from Strava

I think soething went wrong when I connected with my Strava account because most of the activities have no maps (and hence no street counts).
If there a way to re fetch the activities?


Can you share a link to an activity that doesn’t have a map? I tried to find one, but your recent activities all have maps - like this monster run (way to go!!):

Maybe I’m just overlooking some activities, or (hopefully) it has corrected itself.

Check out this one
Every activities from june 13 and before seem to be lacking the map :wink:

Ugh, that’s a weird one! The shell of the activity is there, but none of its GPS coordinates are in the database.

I think the easiest thing for me to do is to remove any of your activities that don’t have GPS coordinates, and then force a re-sync. It’ll be messy for a little while (maybe an hour?), but that should clean things up.

I’ll go ahead and do that in a few minutes & reply back here when it looks done.

Update: I just reimported the activities, but the same issue is there. I’m going to need to take a closer look at this, which will probably take me a little while. I might not be able to get back to you tonight. :disappointed:

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Thanks for looking into this. Let me know if you need more info to help you debug.

Any luck with this issue?

Ha, my most common nickname is nisto, and I have the same problem! Coincidence…?

Hey James, did you have time to look into this issue?


I did just find something… The short version is that it looks like Something Happened™ when the GPS coordinates for certain activities were collected. This caused the activity to be created without coordinates.

I can go through and back-fill that data, but I need to do that without hitting Strava’s rate limits. I’m going to start on your old activities now, but it will probably take a while (hours) to complete since I’m throttling my requests.

As for the reason, I think that I hit a rate limit while importing activities which caused a partial import. I bet other people have the same problem… I think I have a bigger issue to fix, here. :disappointed:

I just sent your account through the same process as @nico … You should start to see updates in ~20 minutes, but I’m not sure how long the entire process will take.

Cool. Thanks for looking into it and congrats for finding the bug although this might bring more work!

Just to let you know that I did get some new activities but a lot are still missing.

I do also have the same problem, everything from december 2016 and before has no map in it. So if it easy to fix, I would be happy to see my full running map :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.


Hi there,
It seems that I have the same issue since February 15, 2017. All activities before this date does not have GPS data.
What is the way to fix this issue ?
Thanks for this great website !