Reload 1 Strava run

Hi James,

First of all; I love the site. It has inspired me to run different parts of the city to up my ‘conquered’ percentage!

The sync of one of my most cherished runs seems to have failed, it’s only showing the first 300m of the 21.5k run :frowning: Would it be possible to delete and re-sync this run?

The citystride link:

Thank you so much!



OK, I’m deleting that now. It should come back in the next sync, hopefully in all its glory!

When you’re logged in and on one of your activity’s pages, do you see a ‘Delete Activity [number]’ entry near the top? There should be one there, but there might be a bug that’s hiding it.

Hi James, it worked, thanks!

I have been looking for a Delete button, but it’s not showing…

Hi James,

Is there a way a user can reload an activity now? I’d like to resync this activity:


OK, I just deleted it & it’ll come back in the next sync.

Hi James, do you have time to resync this one activity for me? it’s missing as only run