Recent activities not reflected in LifeMap

I just posted this elsewhere, but will share again here in case it helps others:

So this is weird. I use mostly Edge as my browser. Although much time has passed, LifeMap was not up to date. Tried clearing cache (cookies and saved website data & cached data and files) and got message “some data could not be cleared. please try again.” I did, many times. No luck. Maybe the data is still “open” although I have no CS tabs open.

So went to Chrome, cleared data with no problem, and LifeMap on Chrome is correct.

Not sure why the problem with Edge, but I’ll be sticking with Chrome for CityStrides.

Hi! My activity synced today with no problems, but not my activity yesterday? Weird! Anything that can be done?

Post to the other thread that says “Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities” or just delete your activity from Strava and re-import it which is what I did for my missing run from yesterday.

I am a bit confused with the threads… Okay. My activity synced today, but not yesterday…

Sorry @lucialzag I moved this back over here because I need that other thread to be clean and without any discussion. I cannot keep up with the workload otherwise.

There’s a lot of sync delay because of a lot of new signups. I’ll need a link to your profile page (available in the top right menu) to help you out from here.

Fixed! Thanks!

Lifemap still does not show the streets, but my profile does. I guess tomorrow. Sorry for bugging.

Nothing has updated for 3 days now. I’ve tried signing out and back in, hitting the sync button (which is now gone as of today), and wondering what else I can do?
Update, my activity from today has posted, but still missing one from the 29th of March.

Please read and follow the directions in this first post here: Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities
I’m working through the backlog as fast as I can :sweat:

Just wanted to report I’ve had no more issues with backlogged activities since you fixed it for me. Sync has been pretty quick and lifemap generation as well. :sunglasses:

+1 here, really quick sync and lifemap generation the last few days. Thanks!!

Looks like there’s an issue importing my activities again. This time it’s the sync from Strava that’s lagging behind. After 31 hours yesterdays activity is still not showing up on citystrides, nor is todays run.

Hello, I have noticed that there are two different numbers reflecting the streets completed when I sign in using MapMyFitness or Garmin. Do you recommend that I choose just one or is there away to have the Garmin data reflect the streets completed in MapMyFitness. I am completely fine with making any changes in the Setting as needed. My goal is to have an accurate number of streets completed since it does not look like both programs talk to each other nicely.

Here is my mapmyrun Stephen Pitsch - CityStrides

Here is Garmin Connect CityStrides

When you look at each login separately, there are different percentages and different streets complete. My goal is to have an accurate number of completion to know which streets have been completed in total.

Thank you

The intention is that people have a single CityStrides account, with one or more services connected to it.

I can merge the two accounts, to accomplish that for you. Which service is “primary” (I’m expecting Garmin, since that’s what you likely use to track your activities)?


I’m having the same issue. My lifemap (Daniel Muiño's Map View - CityStrides) does not reflect a recent activity Daniel Muiño's Activity on June 10, 2020 - CityStrides even after a few hours. I tried clearing the cache, and accessing the site from a different browser and I still have the same issue.

Any suggestions on what to try next?

Thank you for helping to merge the accounts. I would like to use Garmin as primary. Would the merging update the streets completed as well as the map so all is on one account. I deactivated strava to eliminate any other confusion.

If there are any other things that I need to do such as clicking on links in the Settings, I would be happy to do so.

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