Re-import Runs from MapMyRun

I many bad plots on my map due to GPS errors from when the GPS was recorded. I made the changes in MapMyRun but the updates haven’t flowed back over to CityStrides. (I still have many more corrections to make after this but I want to see what all I have remaining to fix.) Is it possible to wipe out the runs and re-import?


Are there too many activities to delete individually?
If you go to the activity page, and open up the top right gear menu, there’s the option to delete the activity in there (and it will be re-synced next time). That can be a huge hassle if there are too many activities to delete, though.

If there are too many, I’ll figure out a way to do it for you…

Thank you for showing me where the delete activity button was. I didn’t see that before.

I do have a lot, which is why I was thinking a solution would be to re-import them. And I’m not done correcting GPS errors either. The GPS errors happened mainly on my longer runs, where I covered lots of new streets so I don’t want to delete them out either.

Yeah, I’ve done the same thing in the past … Correcting all of those wonky huge straight lines.

So, the next question is how do I figure out which activities need to be deleted?
You could gather a list of IDs, and I could bulk delete those…
Or, if it’s more than half of your activities, I could delete them all (effectively delete your account & recreate it)…
If you can easily spot the bad activities based on dates or notes, then I could quickly build up a page for you to select a bunch & click a ‘delete’ button (something like the shoe management page, if you’ve seen that)…

The option to delete all of my activities so I can bring them in again sounds the best.I want to correct them all before I ask you do delete them all, so I don’t have to ask you to do it all.

What happens when an activity gets deleted on the site? Does it re-import the activity on the next sync?


Yeah, if an activity is deleted in CityStrides it’ll be brought in again on the next sync. Do you want to just email me directly when you’re ready for your account to be fixed up?
I’m available at jim at citystrides dot com.

Same problem.

I imported an activity from Runkeeper that was jagged. I edited the activity in Runkeeper but Citystrides wouldn’t update.
I deleted the original activity in Runkeeper and reloaded the edited one.
Now citystrides kept both the original jagged and the edited one.
I am trying to find a way to delete the jaggedm doublicate one but cannot find any way to do that.


If you’re on an activity’s page, you can open up the menu & select ‘Delete Activity [id]’. It’s near the top of the menu, in the Account section. That will remove it from CityStrides.

During the next sync, it should see that the activity is in Runkeeper & copy it over to CityStrides again. This version - since you’ve edited it in Runkeeper - should not have the jagged tracks.

It sounds like you have a duplicate now, though, so you might be done as soon as you choose ‘Delete Activity [id]’ in the menu.

Let me know how that helps you out…

Good evening. I had a wonky GPS run last weekend using MapMyRun that had me flying in a straight line for miles above my city. I deleted that activity over the weekend in MapMyRun, and redid the map manually in MapMyRun. I then deleted the errant activity in City Strides tonight and it has been removed. The newly created activity itself made its way to City Strides, but it claims that there is no map with it even though there is one in MapMyRun that I manually added in later.

Is there a way to have manually created maps from MapMyRun populate through to City Strides, or will only GPS-created ones show progress?

Yeah, only GPS-created maps are usable by CityStrides. I’m using the individual GPS coordinates, and a manually-created map does not have those… :frowning_face:

Does MapMyRun let you edit the maps for activities?
I’ve had this trouble before in Runkeeper, and I had good outcome by doing this:

  1. Let the bad activity sync into CityStrides
  2. Edit the map within the run tracking service to correct the piece of the tracked route that was obviously bad
  3. Delete the activity in CityStrides
  4. Re-sync with the run tracking service

:man_shrugging: maybe that might help

Oh, man! That’s such a bummer for me for this circumstance. The route was so awfully off that I deleted it. No way to retrieve it from MMR once that’s done. I’m guessing at this point my only options are:

  1. re-run the route. (8 miles on concrete was something I only really wanted to do once for this stretch…);
  2. is it possible to copy someone else’s route for that portion?
  3. I guess ride my bike or something along that exact route with my GPS on.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Really, thanks for creating this whole site. I’m actually in awe at how hands on you are.

Yeah that is a bummer!
You could mark those streets as manually completed… kind of a pain to do, but that’s the only idea I’ve got for now (I think every other option would include me writing a new site feature :smile: ).

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad I’m building something that people enjoy.

I found a way to recreate a route/map that was lost or wasn’t created during a run. The downside is I can’t edit the workout to reflect the actual time it took to complete the workout, but it does highlight the route I ran in CityStrides. See user Ed Sheldon activity created on Feb 6, 2019.

I’ve attached the process I followed to accomplish this. Maybe someone will discover an easier way?

Steps to create a route that has already been completed:

Created route in MapMyRun and exported it to GPX file.

I went to this site:

Under “Upload your GPS data file here:” section I selected my *.GPX file I created under MapMyRun. Under “General map parameters” I selected OpenStreetMap in the “Initial map type” selection box.

Click on “Draw the map” below the section where you selected file to upload.

It will ask for a Google Maps JavaScript API Key. Ignore this window and close it.

Click ok on the window that says “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly”.

Click on “Save this trip ….Wikiloc”
Note: 1st time you will have to create free Wikiloc account.
In the Wikiloc window, click on “continue”.

Enter workout name, description, and activity type “Run” and hit continue.

Under “add your trail buddies” click “skip this step”

Hover over the workout in the left column and select “View details”

Click on “Download”

Select “FILE” tab, then GPX format, then Download.

Import this file into MapMyRun and log as a workout. This file should automatically upload to Citystrides.

This used to work. Edit the original run, delete the citystrides route, and with synchorization the edited map was reuploaded on citystrides,

However I recenlty noticed that when I did this both the old route (with the stray bad lines) and the new adited one appeared on the map. Which is bad of course. Could this be fixed?

Ideally, an automatic update of all routes would be great. For some get editied , some merged and some deleted,