Ranking in profile

I think it would be cool to have a strider’s ranking as part of the profile page. This could be as a percentile/decile, with the top 1% getting the actual numerical rank. Percentile is probably sufficient to get a feel for placement (and the total number of striders doesn’t matter), but it would be nice to have precision at the business end…

Ranked in order of total completed street count?

Yes, forgot to mention it :man_facepalming:, it’s the only metric that makes sense, no?

Some people have an odd (to me) fascination with nodes.


I like the idea of most nodes.
Or least. Might make for some interesting ratio metrics.

Having the ranking (by number of streets) would be great - and compared to all striders, not just those with public profiles.
AFAICT for now you can just manually rank yourself compared to the striders with public profiles, but it would be good to see even for them what their ranking is against all striders, not just the ones with public profiles.
I guess for privacy reasons you might want to obscure this if there are few striders for a given region??

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Node count is a poor metric, because the number of nodes on a given street is highly dependent on how is happens to be spec’ed on OSM. For example, a very curvy street might use many more nodes than a straight one.

In fact, a truly nefarious strider could game their stats by simply going into OSM and adding zillions of nodes to a handful of streets.

Good point… It’s amazing the lengths some people will go through to be at the “top.”

Another option for this idea would be a graphical output (probably a histogram) showing the distribution of number of streets run. Garmin Connect has an analogous display for weekly mileage and other stats.

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