Question about Supporter Feature: LiveMap Advanced

Will LiveMap Advanced show where I have been on the current run? I’m glad that it shows where I have been on other runs, but sometimes I can’t remember which streets I’ve done on the current run.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, I don’t think it will do what you’re asking. The location marker will display where you currently are, but it does not draw a trail behind you as you run.

You could create a route ahead of time, and open that page before heading out … while you’re out, enable the location marker & you’ll see your location on your route.

I do this all the time, if I have a complicated route. It helps me stay on track with where I planned to run.

Thanks so much for making this tool. I did this using Excel spreadsheets and maps with drawn lines previously. I do like the current functionality, but in my particular circumstance, I don’t know until I arrive at the start how long I have to run, so I can’t pre-plan the route.