Question about old workout imports

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Hi. I am trying to import old workouts into CityStrides. These workouts are stored on both Garmin Connect and Strava. I imported many successfully with Garmin, but when I got to older ones, I got a message saying “Garmin now blocks requests for activities older than 5 years”. Okay, so I can’t get older ones thru Garmin. When I try to import the same one thru Strava, I get a message with a thumbs-up emoji saying “Your activity is queued”. But the activity never appears. I have tried numerous times over the last week or two, and the activities haven’t appeared.

Somehow I did get one old workout (from Jan 22, 2011) imported into CityStrides. But I don’t remember how I got that one. And nothing else seems to work via Strava. What can I do? Thanks… -Robert Mann

Yeah, I wrote about the Garmin situation here Where are my older Garmin activities?

:thinking: I manually walked through a full sync for your account, but no new activities were created…

Are your activities in Strava categorized as either run, walk, or hike?
Can you share a link or two for the activities in Strava, even if they’re not public?

Hmm, it looks like one of the workouts was classified on Strava as “Workout”, not “Run”. That’s this one: 17.8 mi Run Activity on February 13, 2010 by Robert M on Strava I just changed it to “Run” and tried to import into CityStrides again. I’d imagine it’ll work now. So I’ll just have to be careful when importing these old ones from Garmin into Strava that they go in as a “Run”. Let’s see if this one works. Thanks…

If you notice more, it might be easier to update them all in Strava and then - if you’re a supporter, choose ‘sync now’ in the top right menu, and if you’re not just reply here and I’ll run the full sync for you … rather than doing piles of single activity syncs.

Thanks. I’ve got everything synced within the last 5 years. Anything older than that is only in Garmin. I started using Strava less than 5 years ago, so I have to manually move them over to Strava anyway. No matter what I do will be somewhat time consuming. Thanks for alerting me to the “Run” type.

No problem!

If it helps/encourages you … When you import those old activities into Strava, they’ll be treated as “new data” so CityStrides will automatically get the alert of the new activity & they’ll automatically sync in. You won’t have to do anything manually in the CityStrides site.