Question about manually completing streets

I am trying to figure out how to manually enter a few streets that I completed but are not marked complete (one street ends and a building/business begins, but CS says I need to apparently run through the building to finish; another street ends and a driveway begins).

How do I manually override those streets?

Mapping changes need to be entered in OpenStreetMap (OSM). The changes you enter there will (eventually) make it here. If you want to mark a street complete, you can do that on this site.

I’ve edited the wiki to include instructions on how you can mark streets as manually complete - visit the street’s page in CityStrides & click the mark as manually complete button

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When we mark roads as manually complete (I had a few roads that I completed but they aren’t marked complete), do they fill in on the life map like the others? Or do they remain blank (not purple)?

Hi Molly - they do not fill in the map with a purple line if you marked them manually completed. The purple line is the GPS record of where you’ve been.

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I see from above that marking roads as manually complete does not mark them as purple. It also seems that it does not count toward the percentage of roads complete. Is that true? If so, how does one get to 100% complete if roads are not accessible and updates made to OSM are not taking effect or roads passing outside city borders are not reflected properly in our Life Map?

See also: Need advice regarding a private road and city border

James’s response in the above:

Two things happening here:

  1. most cities have an issue where streets extend past its borders, this has been fixed for newly imported cities and I’ll have a fix for existing cities eventually
  2. the street has some section of it that is not properly marked as private in OpenStreetMap & it needs to be edited there (then I need to update the data in CityStrides; a thing that I haven’t built yet)
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As far as i know, manually completion is deleting the nodes, but not colouring the street, since the purple is the gps tracks. It also makes 100% completion possible (and ocrrectly so imho, since one has run all runnable streets. Ans the flagged streets will dissapear sooner or later in CS anyway).