Profile mixup - hopefully possible to merge

:link: My original profile link : Tommy Bay - CityStrides (supporter)
:link: My new (?) profile link : Nameless Runner - CityStrides

Hello James

I was having issues starting yesterday with Garmin not sync’ing. Today I signed out of CS and Garmin to see if that would spark sync. It didn’t. Neither did single activity sync nor the “normal” sync.

What it did seem to do though was to revoke Garmin access, so when I logged in I got a new profile (Nameless Runner) that has no activities and no streets. My original profile shows 3080 activities, 219 cities (one completed) and 0 streets.

Anything to do or is my place in top 300 lost??

Best regards

Nevermind - I managed to import all my activities to MapMyFitness account, which was already linked to Tommy Bay - CityStrides and has made connection to my Garmin account so going forward I will rely on relay from Garmin through MapMyFitness to CS.

I am back in top 300 again :slight_smile: