Processing delay?

Just wondering if status page is accurate? Seems to say 2-3 minutes for complete and processed streets but it’s been over 90 minutes.

I’m finding the same thing

I also have an activity that has been in my profile for a few hours now, but the various nodes and streets completed have not yet updated.

Yeah, there’s one queue that I don’t have a status display for & it’s the one that is currently blocking a lot of work. :sweat_smile:
I’m going to start up some extra servers to help work through it…

Update: I see where, in the code, I’m punching myself in the face. I think I can rework things so that this issue doesn’t occur in the future, but I think that for the moment (probably some more hours today) it’s all a painful waiting game.

Oh, and this is also the cause of the site downtime. :sweat:


Thanks for explaining and always working your best to fix things promptly