Problems with progress / completion when a run is recorded both with strava android app and garmin watch


Here is what happened. For my runs on august 12th and 13th I used the Strava android app and my garmin watch. The android app was just for seeing which streets I had covered. After finishing the run the strava android app automatically syncs the run and I deleted it. Then I uploaded the data from my garmin watch to garmin connect, which automatically uploads the data to strava on its turn.

The good news:

  • The strava app records (which I have deleted) do not appear on citystrides
  • The garmin records appear on citystrides.
  • The lifetime map is updated

The bad news:

  • The progress / completion streets report does not seem to sync completely / correctly.

Hopefully it can be fixed. Thanks for your consideration.


I think this has nothing to do with your strava / garmin system. Lately CityStrides seems under heavy load so it is taking longer to sync runs and also to do the following progress / completion. At least that is how it looks like to me.

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I think @Sergio is right. There’s serious load right now & I can’t get to it for a minute … I’ll update when I can, but I’m kinda out of the loop for the week.

Sorry everyone!

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Thanks for the replies

I see now that the run of august 12th has been processed. However the run of august 11th is not yet ready.

Probably I should be training my patience a bit.