Problem with Franklin Township, MN

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Franklin Township updated and in the email it shows this Savanah Trail deleted every single time.

I should be at 100% as it shows I have all 108 streets complete. But I am at 98% with no new streets.

The problem seems to related to the fact that Savanna and Country Rd 112 are located in the neighboring cities, but a couple of their nodes are exactly on the border to Franklin. So somehow they are included in the street count at some stage, making it 110 streets, but then deleted again, giving you a total of 108. But the percentage is then incorrectly calculated as 108/110=98.18%. @JamesChevalier can probably take a look at this to see where the error occurs

yeah both roads are on edge of the borders. I tried to see if I can fix the location of both to see if it will help when it gets updated again. Even if I have ran these spots so it shouldnt be unmarking it as not complete.

Yes, moving the border should fix. Assuming you’re confident in knowing which way to move it…is it clear if the road belongs to Franklin Township or to the neighbouring city?
But apart from that it seems like a bug for @JamesChevalier to sort out

Well Savannah trail would belong to delano. But Co Ro 112 is not clear because that intersection is County border and 3 township borders. So you cant really move it as its all in the middle. I disconnected and added a node to see if that will help.

Does Savanna Trail ever appear in the “Created Streets” section? If you don’t have past emails, you might still be able to view the history of updates in your Notifications page.

Not that I remember its been like this for along time. More than 6 months. But it never took me to the city as unfinished. The only notification for that city I have is in May and it said same thing that both those streets were deleted.

Well Franklin Township looks to be fixed. I will see if it happens again.

But i noticed a new issue with a different city. I got an email that Monticello updated. 2 streets were deleted that I just ran and added to OSM like a week ago. I checked OSM and they look to be just fine. Nobody else edited them since.

One thing we noticed over in Mismatch nested and parent city - #2 by hans1 is that the service I use to collect OSM data seems to have several servers behind a load balancer - so, a request into their service may be routed to one of several servers … and that not all the servers have their data fully updated and each of the servers could be on a different date.

So Monticello probably got an update sometime after you created the streets (on/after the 3rd, it looks like) … then that update on the 10th may have reached a server that was using data from e.g. September 2nd (a day before your edit). This would have caused it to see the data as deleted & update the CityStrides database accordingly.

This hasn’t been much of an issue up until now, so I’m going to hold off on taking any action. It’s possible that it’s not common/expected for their servers to become so off sync.

Ok good to know for the future