Private Striders in the Leaderboard

What is the reasoning for having private Striders in the leaderboard ? There is somebody in 3rd that looks like could well get to 2nd before long and several around me in 25th.

Totally fine that CS needs to have privacy options but if you don’t want to show your CS to everybody else why do I need to sort of “compete” with those Striders when they can see what I get up to but I can’t see them.

I know CS is essentially “personal” but I do like to see where I am on the leaderboard. Mostly I prefer to complete cities rather than maxmising street count by running in the city centres which are clearly “easier” than more than more rural cities to collect isolated streets but I kind of think why have a leaderboard if it is not the same for everybody.

Having gaps confused people - like if it went 1st place, 2nd place, 4th place … people wondered how much effort they needed to put in to get past those non-existent entries. Without showing a 3rd place entry with their stats, people had no idea.

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I rather meant exclude private Striders altogether. If they want to go public then they would slot into their rightful position.

For me, that’s too close to holding rank hostage for reducing their privacy. The whole ranking system works as one whole thing, so removing private accounts would also remove their standing in their own view. I see no upside to doing that.

I try not to make claims of what will/won’t happen in the future, but at this point I don’t have intentions to adjust whether or not private accounts are included in lists. I do have intentions of improving the leaderboard overall, though, so it’s possible that the handling of private accounts could be included in that effort in some way.


Yeah I can see that would be an issue. Equally I kind of view that privacy implies “opt out” of things. Like say on Strava if you make a run private you can’t then appear on segment leaderboards etc.

Might also be “fun” to have alternative metrics for leaderboards like how many miles of unique streets you have run as say sometimes I do a 10 mile run to “collect” one street but I see somebody doing say a 2 mile run in a city centre and collecting about 30 streets etc etc When I complete a city (as I have done this week on holiday in Portugal) interesting in the “congrats” email how many miles I ran to collect them all and indeed when the first run was.

I’ll just remind you of this topic: