Private roads

I’m running this town Dully in Switzerland Dully, Vaud - CityStrides and some roads are private streets of posh villas with a big gate.

Chemin des Grands-Champs: one stretch is partially runnable but then there is a gate, the other stretch has a gate

Chemin du Lac: the stretch is partially runnable but then there is a fence
Les Châtaigniers: these are two private roads with gates of two different villas, impossible to access

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The easiest way to handle this on your end is to mark the roads complete manually for now, since you seem to show a lack of enthusiasm to jump those fancy gates :wink:

The best way to handle this so that future CityStriders in Dully don’t run into the same issue is to edit the street on OpenStreetMaps (OSM). It’s quite easy actually - once you navigate to Dully and the offending street on the map, you can click the street and edit the access to “Allowed Access - All:private”. You mentioned that parts of the road are accessible and others aren’t, so it’s best in those cases to introduce a new node and break up the street into two sections, one public and one private. It won’t be instantly updated in CityStrides, but the next time Dully is updated it will properly show and your manual completion will switch to an activity completion. Since Dully was updated on 14 Oct and cities are updated every 4-5 weeks, that could happen in less than 10 days, so now is a great time to fix this in OSM.

Happy striding!


Thank you Kevin, I went with the best option and edited in OSM


Hi everyone - what should I do for a private access road into a cruise terminal with a big gate that doesn’t look like it’s been opened to the public since COVID started 18 months ago? Normally, I assume the gates are open when there is a cruise ship due. Behind the very large gates are large car parks that would hold a few hundred cars. The road itself is quite significant. I’ve done simple name corrections to OSM before but haven’t tackled this sort of complication. Currently the road is set as a service road, access=yes. I’d imagine something like access:conditional=customers @ (Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00) I took this from Key:access - OpenStreetMap Wiki but i don’t think the gates are open any set times - rather when a cruise ship is due. This is way beyond my OSM understanding and (more importantly?) I don’t know how City Strides would interpret that. For the moment, I’m just want to remove the red dots behind the gates that I can’t get to :slight_smile: I’m considering highway=service access=destination - BUT HOW WILL CS DEAL WITH THAT? Alternatively perhaps access=private is just easier???

I have a similar situation around the ferry terminal in Stockholm. I have set it to access=customers, this excludes it from CS

perfect, that’s what I wanted to hear @hans1

We should get some sort of community service credit - I’d imagine we’re probably one of the most diligent and thorough community of cartographers assisting with the OSM project… :smiley:

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