Print Friendly View?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I often like to print out a subsection of the map as it stands, so I can see which streets I’m missing. But the Left Nav/details section ends up taking up too much of the page. Is there a Print view somewhere? Or can that be added as a Feature Reqeust?


I’ve heard of some people running with printouts, but I don’t know how they make them.

I know some people run with their phone, open up the website, and use the LifeMap Live feature to show themselves on the map along with the Node Hunter feature to display nearby unfinished Nodes. Those are both Supporter features, though.

I don’t know much about printer-friendly CSS, but this StackOverflow post makes it look simple enough. Would it be enough to just hide the menu when sending the page to the printer?

Oh! Duh! I forgot I have this hidden feature from my own testing … toss ?no_menu=true at the end of (almost) any URL and the menu will be hidden.

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just use the total screen button (4 arrows) ?

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:laughing: I forget so much of what I added :laughing:

p.gomes - That actually still doesn’t work. When you try to print from the Full Screen, it reverts back to the main page with the menu. The ?no_menu=true seems best at this point.

a yes … I use the windows app 'knipprogramma (Cut program), save it and the print the image (.JPG file). That is also because i want only to print a part of the displayed area.

or use prtscr (printScreen) ?