Potential Strava Login Issues Oct 15th

I got an email alert from Strava stating that they’re making some changes to their login flow on Oct 15th. In that email, they say:

Look out for another email with comprehensive details about refresh tokens and the migration period on October 15, 2018.

But that’s too late - I may not be able to update my code between the time that their explanation email comes and the time that they switch over the authentication flow, assuming they send the email before they make the change.

I’ve emailed their development team to try & get further details, but there’s a chance that logins will stop working tomorrow and won’t work again until I get details from them and release code to sort things out.


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It doesn’t seem like anyone was affected by this, and I’m releasing code now that updates CityStrides with Strava’s new authentication system. :+1: :rocket: :tada:

You shouldn’t notice any of these changes. Let me know if something goes wrong for you, though (use this form if you also can’t log in here for some reason).

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