Percentages incorrect

Here’s a new one for me - I have two cities that were 100% on hard mode and the cities recently updated. The cities now indicate that they are <100% but the streets that are unfinished show all nodes complete.

Bit of a head scratcher as to what I need to re-run.

User: Jeff Jorgenson - CityStrides

Bellevue: Jeff Jorgenson is running Bellevue, Washington - CityStrides
106th: 106th Avenue Southeast - CityStrides
SE 32nd: Southeast 32nd Street - CityStrides

Kirkland:Jeff Jorgenson is running Kirkland, Washington - CityStrides
Cedar Street: Cedar Street - CityStrides

I also mentioned a similar case a few month ago in the chat and the issue remains although @JamesChevalier validated my completed streets.

Wittenauer Straße - CityStrides

It may have to do with the node count. In any case, this is one of the 2 streets in the city that nobody has ever completed, and I hope there is a solution without cheating because after more than 2 years north of 99%, I would like to complete the city eventually.

Yeah, this is like Denis mentioned - the city update process has some edge cases where it’s leaving percentages in incorrect states. I’m gather notes on the issues, and plan to dive into it in the beginning of July.

In your case, it seems like there could have been some GPS drift that caused some nodes to not be marked as complete. You might be able to toggle your LifeMap on while viewing that street page to confirm/deny that theory.

Whatever you did, it worked! Thanks James.

Yeah, that was the manual “this should have been done by the city update code” button :laughing:

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I have the same issues in two cities that recently updated; looking at the stats of the city seem to indicate the issue affects hard mode users only:

Note that in both cities both hard mode users who have completed the city are at the same percentage. According to the city view, I am missing nodes in a single street for each city; however, "show"ing the street indicates no missing nodes:

Here is a link to the streets in question, in case that helps:

Feel free to ping me if you need any additional information.

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For what it’s worth, both of these municipalities were updated; the incorrect percentage remains for both. @JamesChevalier, any chance you could look into this?

There was some GPS drifting but nonetheless an inconsistency between 100% and incomplete.
Now, I have run down the street again and there is no drifting worth speculating anymore.

Moreover, the very same street has been completed for years in the nested city (with a different number of nodes, which is somehow quite common):

I am 1km away and 4 OSM edits (or 1 edit + relaxing the hard mode condition) from finishing a 10,000-street city, but for this one street, I fully rely on your magic.

For the record: city 1 seems to have magically righted itself, not sure if James did something or if it magically fixed itself. City 2 is still in the same state as before.

For my home town, @JamesChevalier didn’t say anything but I know he reloaded the problematic street. Thanks James.

Yeah, I’ve been spot-checking/fixing things along the way while working on a final fix…

I released a new version of the city update code last night that should resolve these incorrect percentage issues going forward.
I don’t expect existing issues to automatically be fixed … I expect that specific updates would be required to make that happen. I’m happy to help with those.

Just in case / to be clear: I do not advise anyone to edit in OSM just to adjust things in CityStrides - that’s not what OSM is for.

It indeed still seems to be wrong for Etterbeek, despite a city update a few days after you made this post. Happy to have you work your magic and fix it :slight_smile: