Percentage Not Updating

Like others, I had MapMyFitness syncing issues. It uploaded last night but showed no completes streets/9 streets progressed, which wasn’t correct. Strava synced my workout this morning, which showed 5 streets completed (correct) and my LifeMap has updated. My total number of completed streets also updated. The percentage didn’t change though and stayed at 52.44%, when I think it should be 53.1%. Will this eventually update or do I need to fix this somehow? Also not sure if it’s an issue because it synced from two places (I will pause so it only syncs from one, but it has been such a crapshoot on what uploads so both were still on). Thanks!

Hey, Katie. Welcome to the CS forums.

I’m just an enthusiast like you, but here is my attempt to help.

Processing always goes from showing no streets completed → streets progressed, but none completed → correct showing of progressed/completed as an activity is processes through the CS system. How fast it is able to do that is the factor in whether you see it do that or if it all happens in the background. I put one activity into MMF last night and when it showed up, it took a bit to progress thru the steps, but it completed after a bit.

When you have duplicates of the same activity, which activity shows the streets is merely a function of which one processes fully first since you don’t get double credit for streets

Percentage of the city is a simple completed vs total calculation, but you shouldn’t have to do anything to fix it if it is indeed wrong.

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Thanks, I appreciate your response! I probably should have written my post better- the percentage issue is really my only problem! I wanted to share the additional details in case it was an issue from syncing from multiple places (even though that hasn’t been a problem in the past). I will note that I was surprised it was taking MMF so long so go from progressed to completed (it wasn’t updated when I checked a little after midnight from a run that ended at 7PMish), but that’s a different story. I just want my percent :slightly_smiling_face:!

Update: Fixed. Thanks!!