Past Strava activities did not sync

I joined city strides around the time there were issues with strava activities syncing. It took awhile for my account to sync, but since then all my new runs have synced no problem. All of my runs prior to joining city strides have not synced. Is there any way to get those past activities to sync from strava?

Yes, but it’s going to take a little while - probably around the time you joined, I exceeded Strava’s API limits & that’s caused some issues. I need to slowly sync everyone’s account, to stay within my limits.
Thanks for your patience!

Is there anything we need to do to initiate a re-sync of past activities? I have a large number of past Strava activities that are not showing up.

Yeah sorry it’s a known issue. I’m slowly working through the backlog, but I have to go slow to stay under my API limits.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi James,

Looking to get to 40% complete on one of my maps by end of year. Was on just over 30% so on track but since the updates have no idea what this will be. Looks like a bunch of new streets have been added and would be good to know where I’m at, so I can stay on track… I also have a few missing runs from September.