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I don’t know how everyone else makes use of the Routes feature, but I will typically create a route to knock out some new streets and delete it after I’ve run it; however, lately I’ve also been using it to draw future plans in places I plan to visit. For example, I visited another city for a few days to run a race, and a friend told me of a cool trail that I didn’t have time to run. I used the route builder to make a route on that trail and I will see it the next time I’m in that city. I also have designed some routes in my own area that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet.

As such, I currently have 7-8 routes on the page and I only see that number going up, getting ever more cluttered with routes I intend to run in the future but are lower priorities for now. Right now the page is organized chronologically and there’s no way to sort the routes yourself. Some ideas to improve/reorganize the Routes tab:

  • Include the city/region of the route in the tile. If it passes thru multiple, do it like Garmin does for activities - assign the region where the route begins.
  • Include the date the route was created in the ​tile
  • Ability to sort routes by distance, date, or region as listed on the tile (region could be a drop-down menu)
  • Ability to ‘archive’ routes. Think of this as the opposite of the ‘pin’ feature for cities on the profile page. Maybe you ran a nice course and don’t want to delete it forever, but you don’t want it to muddle up your CityStriding plans in the meantime. The archive would be a separate tab on the routes page.
    – Alternatively, or additionally, a way to mark the routes as ‘done’ or ‘already ran’ that would automatically send them to a different tab. I would prefer archive to this, based on how I CityStride which involves zoning out, getting lost, and trying to reroute to find my way back.

Happy for anyone else who has thoughts on this to add their suggestions here as well. Let’s improve what’s been a great addition to the site over the past year!

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I’d like to be able to group my routes by city/region as I travel frequently and enjoy planning routes based on where I’m going to be. It can be frustrating when I get there trying to find my saved routes that are relevant for that city

There are quite a lot of ideas for how to better organize the Routes page, I do hope something gets implemented at some point.

Thanks @JamesChevalier I truly forgot that all the ideas were mine… :sweat_smile:

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