Only seeing a white screen and no map

May life map does not come up and is constantly blank/ white screen.

This is the only report of such an issue, so I suspect there’s a browser plugin or something that’s blocking things for you.

Is the top navigation still rendered/usable for you?
Does my LifeMap render for you if you view it in a private/incognito window?

This is all I see.

Thanks for the screenshot - it’s helpful to be able to see exactly what you see.

Just to be sure, is this screenshot my LifeMap while viewing it in a private/incognito window?

If my LifeMap works for you in private/incognito, I’ll have some next-steps for you. I’m specifically asking you to do this in private/incognito so we can test how things work without any preexisting browser data. I’m specifically asking you to view my LifeMap, because I know that it’s public so will be viewable by anyone (whereas yours will not, since your account is private).

Your or mine comes up blank.
Is it something to do with just signing up as a paid member and the map are re syncing.

No, this has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a Supporter. There’s something wrong / blocking it.

I’m going to have you delete the data for the CityStrides site from your browser, to see if that gets things working. :thinking: I would have expected the private window to accomplish that, but :person_shrugging: phones are computers too…

  • Close any open CityStrides tabs in Safari
  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down to the Safari entry & tap that
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Advanced”
  • Tap “Website Data” at the top
  • Search for “citystrides”
  • Swipe left on the entry
  • Tap the “Delete” button that reveals itself

After doing that, go back to Safari & sign in & try again.

That worked but now I have lost my supporters login.

Cancel that request. Once I linked Garmin it was all good. Thankyou so much for you help. Very much appreciated.

You’re a different account now here in the forum - sounds like you created a second CityStrides account.

Ah, yeah, super simple to fix up though.
Your initial account was connected to Garmin: Matt - CityStrides
Your new account today is connected to Strava: Matt Bendall - CityStrides

You don’t have to do anything - I’ll merge the two. I’ll get that started now.