Omit paused sections from RunKeeper

For example, on my January 21, 2018 run I paused my watch at the end of my run, but forgot to end it. Then drove home and ended the run. When imported, this results in a long straight line across town. Is it possible for you to omit the paused sections?

You can use to edit the file.

I might be able to programmatically avoid syncing those into CityStrides, but I probably won’t be spending the time to accomplish that.

I’ve run across the same issue, and if I recall correctly (it’s been a while) I believe I had good luck by:

  • Editing the tracked run within Runkeeper’s site
  • Deleting the activity from CityStrides
  • Re-synchronizing the activity

I’m unsure if non-admin users have access to delete individual activities - if there’s no menu option for you, let me know if you’d like me to do that for you after you’ve edited the activity in Runkeeper.

Aw, that’s too bad - after it imported all my activities it turns out I have a lot of these little straight lines, as I pause during long runs to take fuel. But I did find the “delete activity” link – I couldn’t find it last night, but it is there. So I manually re-created the run in RK as two separate runs, then deleted the full version from both CS and RK. That seems to have worked, so I guess I’ll do this for the most grievous of the pauses.

I should add - Unfrotunately I can’t edit maps in RunKeeper if the run was started/stopped using my Apple watch. I know that’s a RK limitation but it never really mattered to me until I became obsessed with my maps thanks to you. :slight_smile:

And for Apple watch users, here’s how you get to your FIT files for editing

Thanks, this is nice to know for any occasions when I use the built-in Workout app to track runs. I’m not sure it would work with my situation, though, which is using the RunKeeper app on my watch. When I use RK and start the run on my phone, I later get the option on the website to edit or export the map. But when I start the run on my watch, when it shows up on the RunKeeper website I have neither the export nor edit option. This app seems like it is intended to export Apple Watch workouts only.