Old Activity with 65 completed streets now 0 completed

Activity from 29 of may 2021 with 65 completed streets & 3 progressed.
Now showing 0 completed & 0 progressed.

Benny eriksson’s Activity on May 29, 2021 - CityStrides

What’s it look like from your city page? Are those 65 streets now in the incomplete list?

Yes all these Streets area in incomplete list now!
I have even found that I have same problem on some activities from 30 of April, 15 & 16 of May.

I tried reprocessing that May 29 activity, but now it’s gone. Did you delete it or make it private?
:sweat_smile: It’s very difficult for me to debug deleted activities

I have to apologize so much for deleting this activity!
But I removed it to try to resync it again and see if it solved the problem and it worked this time :grinning: