Official NODEVEMBER Thread

You going after lots of streets this month? Have an issue to ask about? Want to give Kudos to someone who is really getting it done? Let’s use this to keep all the Nodevember goodness in one place!

I’ll start - I am working on a running buddy to join CS and Nodevember might be just the thing to get him started. Is it for supporters only? I am going to go looking for the answer as well and if I find it I’ll post it here.


Here is the original “idea” thread. It says everyone is going to be automatically enrolled, but does not cover whether that is supporter-only since most challenges are that way.

Personally I celebrate NODEVEMBER all year round, but I do appreciate the temperatures finally getting more comfortable here in Portugal after an extremely warm and wet October.

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Weather here in NW Ohio is unseasonably warm - still Mid 60’s F every day with temps into the mid 70’s this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get out and get some streets.

I “lose” Sunday most weeks, though as I need to get my trail-running fix at least once a week.

I believe its open to everyone. There are currently 50,637 challengers listed when you open up the “Challenges” page.


Yeah, Nodevember and Global Running Day are free challenges that everyone is automatically added to.

Don’t miss out on the live updating dashboard:

Keep in mind, when planning routes, that it’s a clean-slate challenge. Your previously completed streets do not matter → filter your LifeMap from November 1 if you want to put focused effort on the challenge.


Same here! I have been running a few more miles lately in order to complete a goal and NODEVEMBER will help as an added motivation.

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One thing I noticed today - as an EST runner, my activity from 10/31 is showing up on the challenge lifemap.

The challenge map filter might be grabbing anything from another timezone perhaps?

Can you share a link to that activity, so I can change its date to November 1 see what might cause it to be incorrectly filtered?


Here is the activity:

As a clarification, I do not believe the activity is being calculated in the results of the challenge, it is just showing up on the challenge map.

Thank you for running the Nodevember 2022. The “clean-slate” approach gave me the opportunity to go back and fill in some inconvenient “white spaces” from previous days.

I do wonder how many actual nodes were completed :blush:.


CONGRATS are in order John. Very impressive!

James- Thanks again for creating both the challenge and City Strides! I think its awesome that 90 countries were ran during NODEVEMBER. I was hoping that we as a community could of broken a million streets for this and came close. There’s always next year!!

Everyone stay safe and happy striding!


Great job everyone!

@JamesChevalier (or this particular bit of programming) is too efficient. The links on every page already lead to a 2023 landing page so when I went to look at the final totals it all says 0 again :laughing:

We can still get to our own totals through challenges → featured → past but if there is a way to see the main landing page, I haven’t found it yet.


I have to settle for 16th place after my daughter brought home some virus from daycare that took us all out of commission, I was so miserable I took off 9 days from running :sneezing_face:

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I was working on couple new (small) cities in FL, while on a trip to visit family. So not terribly impressive, but I would like to see where I fell in the list. How do I do that (without paging through)?

TIA & Happy Holidays!