For recurring Challenges, we have the monthly AMSAPs e.g. Challenge: AMSAP October 2022 - CityStrides and the yearly

At the moment, the November AMSAP Challenge will just have a custom name of “Nodevember” instead of the usual “AMSAP November 2022” format. It also auto-enrolls everyone into the Challenge - similar to Global Running Day.
Other than that, it’s a typical monthly Challenge.

I think I’d like to have it stand out a bit more, so I figured I’d create this thread as a way of gathering ideas on how this can be done.
The most obvious idea would be to make it entirely node based, instead of revolving around completing streets. I don’t love this idea, because I don’t really like the fixation on nodes to begin with … but here we are … and it’s something I could get behind if that’s what everyone wants.

One reason not to change it from the other AMSAPs is that Challenges are otherwise a Supporter feature. This yearly Challenge is a nice introduction to them for non-Supporters.


Update: The description/dashboard page is up now … Nodevember - CityStrides … very closely modeled after the Global Running Day page, with some additional live data display on the map (which I’ll be porting over into the Global Running Day page).
Throughout the month of November, that page will update live as activities are saved.
Given how little time there is before Novemeber 1, I’m not going to adjust anything for the Nodevember Challenge. The main difference from the monthly AMSAPs is that everyone is automatically joined up for this one.

Just say no to nodes…rather keep it the same for the reasons you state.


Can the topic title be changed to ‘Node-vember’? I keep reading it as ‘No Dev Ember’ and that’s not a happy thought :grin:

Apart from the play on words, which I admit is nice, why would you call it Nodevember when it isn’t about nodes?

I like the idea of a node based challenge, just for one time. Why not change things up a bit every now and then.
It might be just the incentive I need to go after this 700 node street that’s been on my mind for a while. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you think this strays too far from the usual format for challenges to function as teaser for non-supporters then you can always pick another month for that purpose, isn’t it?

I’m with Kevin - no to nodes. :grin:

If it is based on nodes then November '22 will the be an anomaly to the other AMSAP challenges which are based on streets and not nodes.

Unless…would you consider doing two challenges for that month: an “AMSAP November 2022” based on streets and a “Nodevember” based on nodes? If people registered for both it might be an interesting comparison.