Number of streets changed ?!?

I had ran well over 1,400 streets according to my profile last week. Now my total just over 300 streets. Also the %completed for cities is way less than is was. Maybe something needs to be recalculated somewhere?
The link to my profile is Etienne Berends - CityStrides.

When you set up Garmin Sync, did you go to Strava and revoke CityStrides access?

When you revoke any services access to CityStrides, it starts a process that deletes all of that service’s history from your CityStrides account.

In addition to what @jpbari says, I did delete some city’s data to replace them with more accurate versions. I’ll reprocess your account today to see if that was it.

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Thanks! I’ll check later in the week whether this helps.

I only paused the sync in the CS-options. Didn’t revoke, especially to prevent all previous data from being delete :smiley:.


Everything seems to be back in order. Thanks @JamesChevalier!