Notifications - Deleted streets question

Now that updates are rolling quick, it’s a lot easier to track changes with the OSM history panel. However, when a street is deleted, I sometimes have no idea where it once was. Occasionally OSM editors get a little overzealous and delete an entire way instead of changing permissions. For newly created streets there’s a clickable link to take me to the spot in CS, is there any way to link to where an object once was before it was deleted? OSM gurus, is there a different way to search for this?

I’m no OSM expert, but it seems like you can use overpass for this ( If you know the date/time of the two last updates (current and previous), then you can move the map to be over your city and then run the following query to find the way with the given name (by replacing the name and the two dates). Then you are shown the location of the way on the map. At least it worked for the couple of examples I could find in the update notifications in my inbox.

way[name="Deleted Street Name"]({{bbox}});
out body;
out skel qt;