Not my LifeMap, some Boston user's?

Something different with the new LifeMap is that when a user selects it, he’s shown the last view of it, not the home city, usually when the center of government for that city. I like the new setting, but I noticed today that it seems I get someone else’s last view instead of my own. I’ve been seeing some area to the west of Boston, which is not too bad since I can just zoom out a few times to get back to my NYC metro area.

:thinking: When I visit your LifeMap, I see JFK Airport in the bottom left corner.

Are you logged in while viewing the page?

Whenever you zoom/pan the map, the URL updates so that you can share specific views with people - does your URL currently have a pile of text after /map, like #40.67971561625643,-73.76213015868194&13?

I can’t reproduce this one. :frowning_face:

Yes, I had the following URL:

It seems every time I try to go to my LifeMap I get taken to the city of Holyoke. (Scratch the mis-info about Boston). This happened on both Chrome on a laptop and Chrome on an iPhone, if the platform matters.

Yes, I was logged in. I tried logging out then back in and to Holyoke I was taken again.

OK, I’ll look into it after work today … I have some code that decides where to put your view, which is based on whether you’re looking at yourself, or if it’s someone else looking at your LifeMap & if so then how much location info is shared … So it must be figuring that out incorrectly.

The weird thing is that it shouldn’t be piling on that extra text … All of that #40.674575655308104,-73.76408335790643&15 stuff should only appear after you change the map view somehow (zoom in/out, scroll around, etc).

No rush, thank you.

Lest I misled you, I had all the extra text when I was panning and zooming around. When I clicked on a LifeMap button then I would get just

Gotcha! Ok … If you visit that page now (just, are you still taken to my city?

Yes, still going to Holyoke. Maybe I should just move there? Just kidding!

OK, I’m hacking around and was able to reproduce the problem with my account. I’m hopeful that I’ll have a fix up tonight.

Alright @qaptainqwerty … how’s that working for you now?

I’m good! Thank you!!!

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