Not able to select the other 2 tabs for most cities

I occasionally (ok, a lot of times, really) like to see what streets I already completed for a given city. I also use my smartphone more frequently than my laptop computer. On the smartphone, the only city I can select the other 2 tabs - Completed Streets in the middle and Other Striders on the right - is New York City. For all other cities, such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Saltaire, tapping on those tabs would not get me anyway. Nothing happens. I think it worked at one point not too long ago, but it doesn’t work now.

Can you try leaving the page open for a minute and then trying again? I’ve seen this as well, where the JavaScript that does all the tab switching etc takes a while to load…

I’ll take a look as well and see how I can fix this up.

Update: I notice if I go to your Brooklyn page, then go to a street, then use the back button - the tabs work :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Waited more than a minute, still not able to open those 2 other tabs. The workaround of going to a street then go back a page via the browser’s Back button works for me, too. Both Safari and Chrome were used.

I found the bug… that was a wild ride. :flushed: Here comes the technology:

There’s some conflict between Vue (a JavaScript framework that I’m using in a number of paginated ‘list’ sections of the site) and Semantic UI (the CSS framework I’m using).

When I load up my Vue component, it breaks Semantic UI’s Tab feature. I previously got around this by adding a hack to wait for the page to load and then re-load the Tab feature. :man_shrugging: :grimacing: I was doing this with:

$(window).on('load', function() {
  $(' .item').tab();

This was having issues with long-loading pages, so I switched it to this a moment ago:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){
  $(' .item').tab();

:flushed: :grimacing: :sob: I’m not proud, but it works and I need to make dinner. :laughing: :rofl:

Yup, it works! Thx a million nodes!

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