Not able to hit nodes through lack of GPS signal

Help!! I’ve have just a few nodes left to complete my home town of Cardiff, UK. The plan has always been to complete it without manually marking any streets as complete, so where needed I’ve corrected OSM data, waited for the update and voila, the street/nodes are completed correctly.

However, there are a couple of ‘streets’ that are actually large undercover shopping arcades that I simply don’t seem to be able to mark off, despite having running them several times now.

I suspect the issue is a GPS one. I use an apple watch, disconnected from the iPhone for my runs to get better accuracy, but when undercover of these shopping arcades I suspect that the GPS signal is being lost and therefore not recording me passing them, as shown in the screenshot.

In this example I even manage to get a line to cross right through a node, but still it wasn’t marked off…

Has anyone experienced this? Is there any way to resolve this, without manually marking as complete?
I have wondered if leaving the apple watch connected to the iPhone would mean the GPS signal would work better undercover through the mobile network? I really don’t want to mark the last couple of streets as ‘manually complete’ when I’ve actually run them several times!


You could edit your runs with

Not sure about the Apple watch accuracy, but you could try standing still at tricky positions, to give the watch a chance to better find your location. It have fewer GPS sample points, so it might do the trick.
Garmin have a 1 second sampling feature to collect more datapoints.

You should be aware that the line apparently crossing one node is not showing your run in thius case. Your watch pick up a GPS reading before you enter the arcade, then it has no contact for a while, and then you get anew gps reading when exiting. What happens now is that Garmin, Strava, CS, they all just draw a stright line between these two gps points. But CS only use the “real” gps points to calculate if you have hit a specific node. So in your case there is actually no gps reading close to the missing nodes. I’m not sure about the best way to solve this. I’ve had a couple of indoor shopping malls that showed up in CS, and I tagged them as “indoor=yes” in OSM. That way they disappear from CS at the next update. So could maybe these arcades be treated the same way?

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Looking at High St Arcade on Google Street View and in OSM, this is definitely a tricky case. Originally, I was going to suggest changing the OSM designation, but “pedestrian street” does, in fact, seem correct to me. Manually editing your GPS track, to add a node in the middle of the covered section, does seem like your best bet. :neutral_face:

Here’s my thought. What is above the “undercover shopping arcades”? Any chance you could run on the surface, over the underground feature?

Oops, just saw @tev4 's Google Maps link. Guess my idea won’t work. Editing your GPS data (add a few extra coordinates) might be the best bet.

Or maybe there is a rooftop garden? It kinda looks like there is a railing around the building’s roof?

Thanks for all your help guys. Editing the GPS data and re-uploading was the answer for this one. So pleased as don’t even need to sit around waiting for the OSM data to refresh!

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