North Somerset, England removed

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I was working towards 100% of North Somerset, England, and today i’ve noticed its been removed? And replaced by only some of the towns/villages within it. Can North Somerset be put back up please?

Relation: ‪North Somerset‬ (‪80277‬) | OpenStreetMap was incorrectly imported since it’s a county not a city. Many other places in England are in the same situation, which I’m slowly working to correct.

Based on feedback here in the forum as well as in private messaging, the smaller places are more correctly perceived as cities.

You use the phrasing “only some of the towns/villages within it” which makes me think there are gaps in coverage now. There is a new bug in the city update/creation process that can produce a city with zero streets … these cities will appear in lists e.g. in England, United Kingdom - CityStrides but won’t count towards progress until I fix them. I wonder if that’s the case (if you’re noticing gaps)…

Hi James, yes there are some gaps where some of the new (i.e. ex-North Somerset) cities are there in the system but with zero streets. As I’m a bit of a geek and have been waiting for North Somerset to be sorted for quite a while now (thanks for doing it btw!!), I went through and made a list. The ones with this error are:
Barrow Gurney
Long Ashton
Walton in Gordano

I think that’s all of them, all the others seemed fine when I went through them - hope that identifying them like this will help you to fix them.
Many thanks

James - spoke too quickly. There was one other one, which is Locking…