Nodes on private roads / driveways

Has anyone figured out an effective way to mark nodes as private on OSM to get them to not show up in CityStrides?

I’m on a quest to run my whole town, but I’m in a beach town and there are a lot of roads I’ve come across that are listed as public roads but are actually either private driveways or resident only communities - as opposed to just regular private roads, which I’m fine running down :slight_smile:

For a couple streets I’ve found that are fully private, I’ve marked them as driveways. However, there are some streets that are half public / half private that I can’t figure out how to split into two sections. Has anyone been able to do this effectively?

Love this tool by the way. It’s made running fresh and fun again.

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Hi @murph1134, and welcome.

It is my understanding that, until CS begins doing periodic updates from OSM, or any updates for that matter, changes to OSM will not be reflected in CS.

I have run into a couple of gated private roads, and fear these may the the first I will be forced to mark “manually complete”, which is done on the specific road’s CS page.

However, I am waiting until I have literally traversed every road I can, before resorting to marking a road manually complete (to 100% my city). I’m hoping that before I run out of roads to run, and nodes to collect, that CS will begin the periodic update process, and those inaccessible nodes will disappear from CS, and the roads will be marked as complete.

Hope that helps.


Here’s something on the subject from @JamesChevalier : OSM edits not making it into CityStrides

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From a practical perspective you should split the way and tag the private part. In OSM just right-click the node where it changes from public to private and use the scissor to split. You can then edit the access tags in the appropriate section to private. You can check if your edit had the desired effect by going to overpass turbo, navigating to the area and hitting run. If you’ve succeeded, the street section should not be blue. Happy editing!


Awesome, thank you so much - I’ll continue to make edits in OSM for the future! In the meantime, looks like I’ll just have to manually complete them in CityStrides.

Or you could wait for the update… I’m really hoping for 0% manually completed.

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