Nodes on Private road

The last three nodes on O’Callahan Ln, Red Hook, NY 12571 are beyond a gated wall and are not accessible. These are my last nodes to complete my village. Can they be deleted?


This data needs to be corrected in OpenStreetMap, so that future updates don’t affect CityStrides.
It looks like this is that street: Way: ‪O'Callahan Lane‬ (‪24175727‬) | OpenStreetMap
I don’t know the correct way to do this edit. The Nodes shouldn’t be deleted in OpenStreetMap, because they’re valid Nodes. The issue is that CityStrides needs to somehow “not see them” because they’re not relevant for our use.

The solution might be to move those three Nodes into their own Segment, and then mark that Segment as ['access' = 'private']
This is outside of my OSM editing experience :grimacing:

Maybe someone in our community knows what to do :superhero:

I changed the last few nodes to access = private, so they should be gone from CS when this place is updated. It’s possible to give individual nodes tags, so no need to change any segments or anything fancy.

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I wonder if my query respects tags on nodes :thinking:

I hope so, this is how I’ve made all the edits for private road sections in my city :sweat_smile:
Maybe given it’s modest size Red Hook is a good place to test?

Oh! I have two such roads in Peoria, Illinois. Both are city streets that suddenly end at a factory (Caterpillar and Komatsu) that has a fence and gate and the last node is inaccessible.

I was thinking I’d write the companies and ask if they’d let me on their property, but I bet I’ll get a no. I’m glad there’s another alternative!

Hi, reading your edit on osm i thought to go aand have a look, since i am editing osm for years now. thought somehow you would have made the individual points as private, but that i s not the trick.
I reversed that and made the piece of o’Callahan Ln private by splitting the road on the gate and making the line private via access = private. Go and check it out.


Thanks for correcting it, learned something new today :+1:

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