Nodes not stopping at city limit

I saw a post talking about the problem, but no where to report streets with the problem.

Here is one I just found:

Street is North Tarrant Parkway in Keller.

The Keller portion ends at South Main Street, aka Denton Highway:

Data on OSM looks OK, so I wouldn’t even know what to fix there.

If there’s a dedicated thread for this, I missed it.

Thank you, Eric

This affects nearly every street that straddles a city border. There are way too many to handle these manually so there isn’t much point in reporting them…

If you want to read the real discussion, go here.

The short version is that was a programming error during the global coverage project. The reason for the bug has been identified, but it cannot be easily fixed without reprocessing every single boundary globally, so it can’t really be set up as a single task.

It will be fixed when the OpenStreetMap update process is rolled out, but that implementation is still being developed (and has probably taken a back seat right now to figuring out sync backlog issues)


@8f7162110d9eeaf907ab & @jpbari,

Thank you for your replies.

I’m very new here, so don’t have much historical knowledge.

I don’t really see it as a big deal, as I’ll most likely get to all those nodes anyway. :slight_smile: :running_man:

I’ve finally run enough, with nodes in mind, that I think I’m getting more efficient, and realized I don’t have to finish a street today, knowing I will run past it tomorrow.

Thanks again and happy striding!


Closed in favor of Some Streets contain Nodes outside of City boundary