Node Hunter - Toggle between uncompleted nodes and all nodes

Not sure how often I would use it, but I was reviewing my map just now and thought it might be useful to hit the node hunter button and have it show me ALL the nodes in view instead of just the ones on my uncompleted streets.

In addition to being interesting to see, and a way to check progress more completely, it also would be a way to work towards a personal non-technical version of Hard Mode

Or maybe just all incomplete nodes that are part of a completed street, re: hard mode? If it showed all completed nodes too, could get very messy & resource-heavy for the UI.

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The “I want to see every node, both completed and uncompleted” was what I was wishing I had when I was motivated to come over and post the idea, but the limited “all uncompleted nodes whether the street is complete or not” certainly has its use for hard mode.

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