Node Hunter not working in LifeMap (does work in a city)

I can’t seem to get Node Hunter to work in LifeMap mode. If I select a specific city then Node Hunter works, but only with in the boundry of the city limits. Any ideas?

My guess is that the area you’re looking in doesn’t have a city.
I can’t reproduce a bug of NodeHunter not working on the LifeMap, and I know that it limits itself to Nodes within the city border if you’re on a city page.

Can you share the name of the city and country you’re looking at?

Yeah, it is in between two city limits, Spokane, WA and Spokane Valley, WA. But I thought that previously I could just switch to LifeMap and zoom in on any area and NodeHunter would show me all availble, but I must have still been looking inside another city. We have lots of area to the South of the cities that is considered County and not City. Thanks for the quick reply! Love your site, just need to get back to running more new streets.

Forgive me if you know this already, but CS does not contain nodes for streets that are not within a city, so if the streets you are attempting to node-hunt are between two city limits Node Hunter could be working properly but would not show you anything to complete.

I cant seem to get node hunter to work in Life map or a city. It has been a few days too. I thought maybe it was just my phone but tried from the computer and also not working.

I have a fix that’ll be going out as soon as I can get to it, but in the meantime you should be able to zoom in a bit more on the map to get NodeHunter working again.

The issue is that there’s a bug in the area of code that’s trying to display the limitation warning message.