Node hunter 1000 nodes limit message

Hi James @JamesChevalier,

It looks to me that the message about the 1000 nodes is dependent on zoom level, not the actual number of nodes retrieved, is that correct? I seem to limit always get it starting at a certain zoom level, even when there are not that many nodes displayed. Likewise, at closer range it never appears, even when the number of nodes is clearly limited.

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Yeah, the warning message is based on zoom level because you’ll typically get more than 1k nodes at those zoom levels.
The display is limited to 1k nodes, whichever zoom level you’re on.
The warning is just there to alert you of this limit.

I’d like to improve this, overall. :thinking: I need a limit, otherwise I’ll crash your browser or my server … perhaps splitting the total result into ‘sets’ and letting you iterate through sets. :man_shrugging: It’s somewhat low on my priority list right now, mostly because there aren’t any other complaints.

I’m fine with the limit. I just used to think that the message meant that there were more than 1000 results. Wouldn’t it be possible to display it based on the result count rather than the zoom level?

Not really. I’d have to rework that code entirely, and if I’m in there doing that I may as well overhaul it to be improved overall.