No upload to citystrides from strava when 0 streets completed

Hi James,

Appreciate so much the awesome site!!
It seems that citystrides does not pickup when 0 streets are completed. Is this a known thing?

Kind regards,
Sven Markus

By pickup do you mean activities syncing from Strava/Garmin/other to CityStrides? Cause I have lots of runs that synced to CityStrides that didn’t complete any streets.

CityStrides syncs all running & walking activities.
If you are missing running/walking activities in CityStrides, share your profile link & can I start a manual sync.

Hi James, again, I love what you are doing here! So much appreciation!!

The activities would be:
1.) Ochtendactiviteit | Workout | Strava
2.) Run every single street Nijmegen - Weezenhof (35.45%) | Workout | Strava

Thanks so much!!!