No more city limits in blue?

Is it just me or the city limits previously drawn in blue are not showing up anymore?

:thinking: can you share the URL for one of the cities that used to have the border and now doesn’t?

Here for example : Bertrand Carlier - CityStrides

Any idea why this happens for some cities and not others? Bad data from osm?
Can I help troubleshoot?

My guess at the moment (I haven’t had the time to look into it further) is that a recent Mapbox update caused the links to stop working. My guess as to why is the unicode characters in the city/region/country names.
It’s not incredibly difficult to debug/test, and the fix shouldn’t be too hard either … It’s just a matter of finding the time.

wow … that was a Thing …

Something changed, but I have no idea what. All I know is that the code I used to use to build S3 URLs no longer works with unicode characters.

If there are still any other cities in the site that used to have its border drawn on the map and now don’t, then I’d like to hear about them. Otherwise, I think I’ve sorted this out.

Here’s a bunch (sorry :grin:) :

All belong in a region called “Île de France” with a Unicode character.

Actually, there are others in the same area (you may look at my cities to find some)

And thanks, it did work for the first city! :pray:

:confounded: :confounded: :confounded:
Amazon is not doing very well here… Depending on how I create the folder/file in s3, it gives it a different link.

I at least see the pattern here … When I started this file structure, I decided to have everything lowercase. Unicode characters don’t transfer to lowercase very well, and s3 encodes the characters differently based on something that I haven’t learned yet.

Update: looks like my work today solved it – for this region. There may be other regions with uppercase unicode characters that also have this issue … at least I have a better idea of how to solve the problem now…

Could that mean there is a theoretically possible solution for the blue city borderlines on other cities? I have some near me that are correctly in OSM as a jurisdictional relation, but not showing in the city view. It would make planning so much easier. Props for you again for putting so much effort in ths cool site

This sounds like a slightly different issue … but you’re not wrong.

Cities that I had to import manually (by tracing its border by hand & collecting the data through bbbike) don’t have the blue boarder because that process didn’t provide me with that byproduct of data… It’s kind of a funky process that is covered in some detail in the GitHub repository of city data.

The OSM data is always improving, so the cities that I couldn’t import in the past might be usable now. I’ve got this thread open for suggestions on new cities to add … I, admittedly, need to actually work on this - but it’s the best place for these requests right now.

Jut for the record, i am talking about cities already in citystrides for years, and the relation in OSM is available. Would it be much work to make another download of a large group of relations of type cityborder in OSM and update citystrides?

:thinking: maybe … can you share a link to an example in CityStrides?

other thread with links

Oh! I see - Nuth, Voerendaal, and Landgraaf are all in CityStrides already?

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Yes, and I guess all the surrounding cities are all without blue border. Heerlen, Schinnen, Onderbanken, Kerkrade, Brunssum, Simpelveld, Sittard, etc