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First of all thanks for the app!

I’m trying to figure out why some of my activities don’t show a map and are therefore not mapped on Lifetime Map. The message I’m getting on the activity page is “There is no map associated with this activity.” This applies to hikes (e.g. and runs ( A run I did more recently however shows up just fine (can’t link more than 2, but it’s the activity 1151550) All of them have been recorded with Garmin Fenix 3 and all of them show a map on Strava through which I connect.

I’m kinda guessing at this point, but I think a sync might’ve conked out. I’m going to delete those two activities you linked. They’ll come back in the next sync - let me know if the maps work afterwards.

OK so that fixed one of them, but not the other. So I did what you did and removed that one again - that in the end fixed it as well.

Thank you for the help!

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Hi @JamesChevalier

Thanks for the app. I’ve just joined and uploaded all of my strava activity but it seems that any runs before August 29 2016 have no map for activity. Like you said above it seems that the sync conked out. There are far too many runs to list the URLs. Is is there any way to delete them all and try to resync?


Hi Richard, did these get cleaned up? I’m looking back through your old activities & there are maps as well as completed/progressed streets now.
Let me know if I’m missing any, though!

Hi James. I found the delete button so I got to work deleting and resyncing and now works perfectly. Thanks anyway!

I am having the same problem a lot of my older runs have no map. Is there anyway to do a bulk delete as there are a lot to delete otherwise.


I can easily do a bulk delete for you - way easier than navigating around manually.
Email me and I’ll take a look:

Hi @JamesChevalier,
I noticed recently that a bunch of streets were missing from my lifemap. Eventually found the activity on Strava where I ran them, then came here and noted that it had no map data associated with it.
Fortunately, a quick Delete of Activity and Resync of my account picked it up, with the map intact.

Now, I’m wondering - is there any easy way for me to “find all of my activities on CS which have no map data” ?
I’d love to be able to find and fix those. I’m sure there will be some where I’ve added them to strava manually, or they were treadmill runs, but I will be able to easily identify any where I believe they SHOULD have map data.

Eek! There are 315 activities without GPS coordinates for your account.
:thinking: Some/all of those could be treadmill activities?
I can delete all of those, and run a re-sync for your account - very little effort for me - but I want to check with you first that I should do that. :smile: Let me know.

Hi @JamesChevalier - might as well I suppose!
Definitely won’t be anywhere near that many treadmill runs.
I haven’t modified anything since importing it from Strava, so no real loss if anything doesn’t come back out of those particular runs (which are potentially broken data anyway).

Please go ahead and remove them and I’ll look forward to seeing what happens afterwards (appreciate it too if you could let me know afterwards how many have zero data, so I can see how much improvement [if any] we got from this!)

Thanks again.

OK, deletion done … the sync is running now.
I’m interested in how many activities have no GPS coordinates after this - it should be close to 0.

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