No longer at 100% since new update

A strong theory. I guess that would theoretically work itself out once I can see if any new roads show up as incomplete.

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Seconding this as it’s exactly what I do when I see a new development going up. If asphalt looks cured and nobody yells at me, I run the streets knowing that one day they’ll end up in OSM & CS. Post run I’ll check OSM to see if they have been added already but a lot of times the satellite view is to out of date and thus I can’t draw proper lines until that happens. At least CS has those GPS points to process in future.


It is odd. I have no new streets or nodes to complete for my town but my percentage is 99.37% versus 100 since the OS updated. I have been waiting to see what will show, but nothing has happened.

Anyone else have this happen and know what to do?


Yes, you’re not alone. I posted about my issue in the Now Testing: City street/node updates thread. No response yet, but James is a busy guy so I’m being patient.


I noticed that all my %s for any area that had some sort of OSM change got wonky, even the ones that were less than 100% and then had new roads added. For instance had one county at ~90% added 2 or 3 streets and my % went down to the ~60s. Can’t remember the exact numbers because the next time I ran in them the % updated to the “correct” amount. However I’m not sure if/how this will happen if you’re already at 100% and there are no new roads to run, like for the 3 of us that were at 100% of Brookline and are now all at 99.54%

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I’m in this club too! Also posted in “Now Testing

210128 Keller 100

Don’t recall where I read it, but I’m thinking a bit more “processing” needs to run.

PS: I am curios where the “15” (999-984) are?

I thiiiiink this is No longer at 100% since new update - #5 by JamesChevalier

// @kevincharlespels @ericjrw @jason

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I am so confused… But I also just finished 3 :beer: and half a bottle of red :wine_glass: .

So the wait is on for another update?

Keep up the good work James!

As my home town Lidingö only has so few streets, I have paged through them here and verified that the count of 561 complete and 26 incomplete is correct, so 586 total. The number shown, 82.59% of 611 streets is wrong.

@JamesChevalier is it possible to extract a list of these 611 streets? Then I could easily find the errors…

It’s probably not worth the effort - I may have found a solution for this. No longer at 100% since new update - #5 by JamesChevalier


Thank you for looking for a fix :+1:

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Well, something happened… Yesterday I had 25 incomplete, 561 complete, and incorrectly total 611. Still the same today. But yesterday my percentage was 82.59, that is 561 / 611. Today it’s 95.73, which is correctly 561 / 586. So now only the total number is wrong

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Ok, that sounds like good/expected progress.

I had a bug in the progress calculation code, so I don’t think those values were being updated at all (at least from city updates). I’ve fixed that, so the percentages should start correcting (again, at least from city updates - I’m unsure if any of this was affected by saving activities).

The street count for cities will be automatically fixed in its next update. I haven’t manually fixed the counts for any cities yet.

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Yes, almost there now with your new load! Same count, 25 incomplete and 561 complete makes 586 total, but Lidingö says 587 total… so difference is only one now…
(actually, even though I still have 25 and 561, they are not the same as two days ago. Småbåtsvägen went from incomplete to complete, but then I added a new incomplete road that was missing in OSM. And I also removed one from Complete by marking it as private in OSM)

I just manually ran the update for Keller, and I see that its street count is now correct. It’ll take some time (currently looks like a ~10min delay) for the percentage to update … hopefully we see that correct itself to 100% in a little while.

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Thank you @JamesChevalier! Looking forward to it!

I don’t think that we’ll see the percentage change for you in this round, because there likely wasn’t anything to do in the update. The percentages are only recalculated if the update code does one of these things:

  • creates new nodes (and, by extension, streets - if a new street is created there are inherently new nodes also created)
  • deletes nodes
  • deletes streets

It’s very likely that the update I just ran only adjusted the street count value. I’ll manually reset your percentages later this afternoon if they don’t update on their own.

I’ll be manually queuing up the jobs that recalculate the percentages for everyone this week. From there on, things should work as expected. :sweat_smile:

Update: All done. Everyone’s city percentages should now be correct.




I get bonus points if it stays that way :wink:


Hi James.
I think there is a thread somewhere, maybe tackling the below issue.
for instance the city: Sittard-Geleen for me still has 3 street in incomplete after the most recent OSM update.
Those streets are put partially to private

For instance this one: (the circle shows where the 3rd node used to be)

Has this also to do with recalculation, or is there some other logarithm you need to check and maybe adjust?