New to CS. How do I start?


I’m fairly new to CitxStrides and don’t know exactly where I start.

Fist question that comes to my mind: ist there a site where i can see all the streets in my city as red/green (incomplete/completed)? I only see incomplete streets in alphabetical order but have no “show all” button.

Plus: is there an app or some method to map streets while running?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Björn,

welcome to CityStrides!

The easiest way is to just look at the map: any street with no purple line on it still needs running! :grinning:

I use to plan my runs, but I’ve also heard of Strava or Garmin being used to create routes, and one user made a site to return the optimal route for a set geography If you have a look around the forum you’ll find more approaches…

Happy bagging!

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Thanks. Those two sites helped a lot, especialy the second one.

Regarding the tip with the purple lines: i live in a medieval town and I’ve done quite a few runs in my hometown. So the purple lines look like they are everywhere. Is there a way to pinpoint those squiggly lines to the actual streets?


The purple lines are just an overlay of the gps trace from your device onto the map, so if you can fix the trace you can get a nicer match. Medieval alleyways are probably a challenge in terms of getting accurate tracking…

Completing streets requires the trace to come within 25 meters of the nodes that make up a street, when you have >90% of nodes the street is complete. For smaller areas you can use the node hunter to find where you still have red nodes.