New Lifemap quirks & feedback

None of this really rises to the level of “fix me” or urgency, but just generally want to note a couple things since the new Lifemap has been implemented in the past few weeks:

  1. I’ve noticed it takes longer to load the Lifemap on Route or Activity pages. A few seconds lag, not quite “annoying” but tedious especially on mobile where I’m not sure if I just mistapped the button on touchscreen.

  2. In the past it’d been the case that a recently uploaded activity doesn’t render on the Lifemap right away; or when it does, it is only visible at a high enough zoom level. Today my recent activity did load in the latter format, but weirdly, only half the activity! The other half did appear when I zoomed in even more. Not annoying or tedious or anything, just strange!

I can concur that it has been noticeably slow for me too. My assumption is that it gets recalculated every time? So the more activities (well, GPS points) you have, the worse it would be.