New: Interactive experience in your city page

I’m really excited about this one!
The Streets Run, Streets Left, and Fellow Striders tabs on your city pages are interactive now!

Go to your city page (or one of your city pages, if you’re active in more than one city)…
Click on a street in the Streets Run list to see it on the map. Click around and see some more.
Do the same with a street in the Streets Left list to see that on that map - it even shows you which nodes you have/haven’t completed!
If you click on any of those nodes, a little popup will appear that will let you go to that street’s page.
Now go click on someone who’s listed in the Fellow Striders tab… Their lifetime map is displayed (in a different color) right there.
You can do all of this with or without your own lifetime map displayed on the page - just toggle the switch at the top of the page, just under the city name.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, but there are some options still. I’d like to know what you think about them.

  • When you click on a street I can have it zoom all the way in on that street, like the street’s actual page does.
  • Each time you click, the street is replaced. I might be able to make it so you can select a few streets & have them all displayed at once. If I do that, I’d probably need a button to clear the map.
  • When you’re viewing another user’s city page, the color coding of the nodes is in relation to you. So if you’re also running in a city they are, and you click on one of the streets in their Streets Run section, the icons should be displayed based on whether or not you have completed that street.

Let me know what you think! There are a lot of possibilities here.


I’m excited to see this work. As soon as Narita Japan, Naha, Okinawa, or one of the other main cities I run in is added. :sunny: How are the cities progressing?

Do these look right?

Yes! Naha and Narita would do Nicely. Thanks!

Did Okinawa look good, too? I can do all three cities at once, if it is…

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Okinawa is more like a state than a city. It has a group of islands, like Hawaii. Naha is the city that I visit in Okinawa. Just up the road, there are two U.S. Military bases, Futenma Marine Base and Kadena Air Force Base. If you’re going to do Naha, you may as well do the areas around those bases, too, for the runners there. However, It probably doesn’t make sense to try to do all of Okinawa while you have pending requests in other places unless you just want to clean it off your chart. I hope that helps.

Looks good and useful!
One little detail I have now is that you should probably change the cursor when hovering a street name in the list, it is not intuitive that something in going to happen when you click on it.

Ah! Good catch! I just pushed that change - thank you!
(you may need to refresh the page or refresh the page while holding the Shift key down)

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Thanks a lot for this good job.
When I tried at first to click on a street name I was expecting the map to zoom in to the street I selected, so that would be my choice.


Cool update!

I was thinking it would be kind of cool to overlay the maps of everyone running a particular city and calculate the % completed for the community as a whole. Then ‘finishing’ a city can be a collaborative effort (as well as individual).


Thanks for that - I wasn’t sure which way to go, so I left it zoomed out. I’ve just updated the behavior so now when you click on the street it takes you right to the coordinates all zoomed in to view.


I like this one (although I’m almost always alone in the cities I run :frowning: )

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a little bit late for my praise, but one of the most likable feautures :slight_smile: