New City Boundaries added to OSM on Oahu

:link: Travis Chambers - CityStrides

I just added two city boundaries to OSM:
Mililani Town - Relation: ‪Mililani Town‬ (‪14962767‬) | OpenStreetMap
Mililani Mauka - Relation: ‪Mililani Mauka‬ (‪14962778‬) | OpenStreetMap

Is there anything else I need to do to get them updated in citystrides?

As a side note – citystrides is incredible. I just discovered it today and I’m blown away. Especially since you’re running this as a solo project. Super impressive!

Also – apologies if my question is already answered elsewhere. I poked around the wiki but didn’t find an answer.

Oh, actually after continuing to search, I found this thread - New streets added to city - which references roughly a 1-month update cadence. I’ll keep running my streets and watch for the cities to appear!

Chances are that your request will be picked up from this thread, but the “formal” process for getting cities included in CityStrides is via the spreadsheet mentioned in the first link here. It’s a pretty old post, so it’s a bit hidden in the forum by now…
The update cadence refers to how often existing cities are refreshed, ie. how often changes in the number of streets are reflected.

Oh fantastic. I added my cities/relations to that spreadsheet! I assume James will just pick them up when he’s got time. Thanks a bunch for jumping in here.

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