New cities to add

Can you please add Jurupa Valley and Riverside, California please.
Thank you

Can you had bernac in France? (and a few towns around)
Monaco as well would be great

Also Ville d’avray doesn’t have blue lines in cityview :

Costa Mesa California

Englewood Colorado and Sheridan Colorado nd Littleton Colorado

Is it possible to help you map the streets, or assist you in some way?

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Yeah, I’m overhauling the data import process in a way that’ll make this thread obsolete … I do need some data to get to that point though:


Thank you so much! If possible, can you please add Sherwood, AR and Cabot, AR?

Please add Notre Dame, IN (or add it to South Bend, IN), and add Amelia City, FL if possible

Johannesburg please.

I’m traveling to Boise, Idaho. I don’t live there so the request is not tier one.

Guelph, Ontario, Canada would be nice. Thanks!

Please could you add Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I loved CityStrides when I lived in London, but now I’ve moved to Ethiopia, I would love to have a CityStrides goal again! Thanks :slight_smile:

New Canaan, Connecticut please.

United States, Altoona, IA - I’ve got an almost 4 year run streak so I’ve got a lot of it covered but looking for what I’m missing.

Glendale, Arizona in the US is missing as well, if you could add that I would greatly appreciate it.

Allègre les Fumades, France and if any bulk import of the Gard departement would be possible, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

Would it be also possible to update for the city Marigny le chatel, Aube, France ? Only one street is registered, while there are plenty on the map. Thanks !

Would it be possible to add one Utah city:
Millcreek, Utah: It is a good sized suburb of Salt Lake City with around 60,000 residents.

Thanks so much!!

Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Hi @JamesChevalier, could you add the districts or neighborhoods, in Santiago, Chile.

Districts like Santiago, Providencia, Recoleta, make more sense, as those are the ones people usually recognize, however they tend to be quite large.

Starting some time ago, Google started showing neighborhood names, although some of those are not well known.