Nbr of synced activities


I see there are only 289 activities synced from Strava. I disconnected my account and reconnected, which gave me another user account number (a different URL) but again, only 289 activities show.
Is it a limitation or is the sync having issues?


I would suggest waiting to see if the activities eventually sync over the next couple days.

I’m pretty sure that I have enough Strava users that I’m running into their API limits, which is cutting synchronizations short.

You can also either reply here with the link to your profile page or message me directly with that… if I have some spare time, I can take a look to find out if I can see the additional activities.

Hello, thank you for the quick reply.
My current number is 4133.
Before I disconnected & reconnected to strava this week, I had another number (starting with a 3… and created early March).

Both times a same number of activities showed. It seems only to sync back to 1 April 2015 and not earlier.

Although the number of completed streets and the percentage of cities completed was slightly different.

Note, my most recent upload to strava dates from February. That is not a mistake, I still have to upload some activities.

Ok, give me some time to look into this - don’t delete/reconnect your account, so your ID doesn’t change :slight_smile:


I think I found it.
Is it possible that the activities have to be public?
Apparently the older activities are set to ‘private’ in strava. So that could explain.

Only if you’re not logged in… like, if I try to view your activities/map then I won’t be able to see those private items. If you’re logged in as yourself, you should be able to see them, though…

Thanks for the reply.
It makes sense indeed that I could see my private data.

However, I was logged in.
i tried logging out and logging in again with strava but nothing changes.
both logged out and logged in, i see the same data (289 items).

I was going to ask why the streets in my privacy zones were not counted, but that is probably also related to the same issue.

Apart from that I see a lot of activities have no streets progressed. is it because i progressed them already before in another activity?
This one even doesn’t have a map, while there is one on strave: CityStrides

(sorry for all the questions)

Nono, this is all helpful … I’m seeing a bit of a pattern with some Strava users, where there are activities in CityStrides without a map. I think there’s an underlying sync issue that’s causing activities not to come across completely & I think the fact that your older activities won’t sync is related.

I did delete that activity (1429540), in the hopes that it will properly sync with a map next time … That’s how I’ve been resolving this so far - deleting bad activities & re-syncing.

I’ve got some ideas on how I might be able to work around this issue (instead of deleting/recreating activities), so I’d suggest leaving your account as-is and waiting this out.


1429540 is removed indeed and replaced by 1441573 which has a map but still has 0 streets progressed.
The total count remains 289 for now.

If i check, any activity later “page 8” of 49 has no map and has no streets progressed.
So between 1429288 and 1429540 there are no maps & no streets.
So that is 250 activities out of 289.
And in the first 7 pages there are also about half that don’t have streets/maps.

I ran a little script looping from activity 1429211 to 1429538

in this range: 288 activities
if they don’t have a map (262 items), they all have 0 streets progressed / completed
if they have a map (36 items) there are 10 of them with 0 streets progressed / 22 of them with 0 streets completed

note: the script is probably not a “logged in” user

if you want i can share the script (ps1)